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Refresh Your Home Office

Modern office space with a clean wood look.

Tips for Making This Room Feel Inspiring

It’s easy to use a dedicated home office as a catchall for stuff that you don’t have a place for elsewhere, like those extra lamps or rolls of wrapping paper. It’s also easy to make do with a ho-hum look or lack of décor.

However, whether you work from home or have a home office for bill paying, catching up on correspondence, or wrangling your kids’ school papers, this room should be just as welcoming as it is functional.

Thinking your home office could use some love? Use these easy to-dos to up its look and feel.

Get organized. The less clutter you have in your office, the better you’ll be able to concentrate. Start by finding alternative homes for those unused lamps, rolls of wrapping paper, and the like. Go through your papers and shred or recycle what you don’t need and then figure out a system for keeping the remainder organized.

Clean your desk drawers, as well, and add drawer dividers so you can easily find things. If you don’t already have a storage tray or basket for the top of your desk, consider adding one.

Paint the walls. Nothing spruces up a room like a fresh coat of paint. This is also an opportunity to add some color to your office (note that lighter colors can make a smaller room feel larger). Have bookshelves in your office? You could also paint the backs of the shelves for additional pops of color.

Create an accent wall. If you love the look of wallpaper but don’t want to commit to papering your entire space, paper one wall as an accent wall. An accent wall is an easy way to add some pizazz to your home office—especially with so many wallpaper options from which to choose.

Warm up the floor. An area rug, even layered on top of carpeting, makes a room seem cozier. If you have a rolling desk chair, an eye-catching chair mat can serve double-duty for protecting hardwood floors and carpets from wear and tear, as well as adding a dash of style.

Upgrade window treatments. While blinds or shades can certainly add a finishing touch to a room, they can also do so much more—such as increase energy efficiency or filter natural light.

Cellular shades, for example, are the most energy-efficient window treatments available, helping to keep a room warmer when temps dip and cooler when they heat up. If you’d like to enhance the sunlight that streams into your office space, consider sheer shades with adjustable fabric vanes attached to a sheer backing.

Hang a mirror. Hanging a mirror opposite a window helps reflect light, brightening a space, as well as making a small room feel bigger.

Add personality. Surround yourself with your favorite things, such as framed photos of family, friends, pets or vacation spots, pieces of artwork or objects that you love. Having items that are special to you not only boosts you mood, it also gives your eye someplace to land when you need to take a screen break.

Incorporate nature. A potted plant or two, a basket of seashells, or even a small fountain set on a bookshelf can also do wonders for boosting your mood and putting you in a positive frame of mind. 

A drawer with dividers for office supplies. Add drawer dividers to stay organized.
Bright, clean office with modern furniture. Make your office shine with a fresh coat of paint.
Wall painted with artistic design set behind an accent chair and table. Hang wallpaper to jazz up the vibe.
Spacious office with an area rug covering the wood floor. Protect flooring and make a room cozier with an area rug.
Clean office with windows featuring Hunter Douglas Duette Honeycomb shades. Cellular shades, such as Duette® Honeycomb shades, can make your office more energy efficient.
Wall featuring an oddly shaped mirror above a table. Brighten things up by adding a mirror.
Desk featuring knick-knacks and art pieces. Infuse character with your favorite photos or pieces of art.
Office space featuring many green plants. Add a touch of Mother Nature to help boost your mood.

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